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Theorizing Transgender Identity for Clinical Practice: A New Model for U

ISBN: 9781785927652

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Providing new approaches for exploring gender identity and expression, this book is idealfor clinical practice with transgender and gender nonconforming/diverse clients.Importantly, it moves beyond the medical model to advance an understanding oftransgender subjectivity as a natural variation of gender in humans.The book deepens understanding of the developmental trajectory of trans and gendernon-conforming individuals over their lifespan, before and beyond transition, by offeringnew theories on gender. Drawing on theories from a range of different fields includingpsychoanalysis, philosophy, neuroscience, consciousness studies, trauma therapy, sextherapy, gender theory, disability studies and trans studies, it illustrates how informedclinical practice can recognise the complexity of gender identity and expression. Withchapters on the understanding of core gender through the Free Energy Principle, thefoundations of gender in consciousness, a gender algorithm, trauma, mirroring, andsexual functioning, this book works to provide a superior method of clinical practice thatcan better serve trans communities and our understanding of gender across thepopulation.