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Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy

Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy

Perceptive, Intentional, and Effective Caring

ISBN: 9781785926822
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Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy (OOC) is a method of chaplaincy care that emphasizes achieving, describing, measuring, and improving the outcomes that result from a chaplains work, alongside the parallel framework of evidence-based healthcare. This book examines the underlying principles of OOC and incorporates first-hand accounts of chaplains who have made a measured difference to patients and their families.

Brent Peery draws on more than fifteen years of experience within the field of Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy, exploring its evolution and history within the complex culture of healthcare, and how its underlying principles of assessments, interventions, outcomes and documentation are most effectively put into practice. This practical guide will benefit chaplains interested in the approach of OOC, and identify a framework for providing the best spiritual care for those facing lifes most difficult moments.


By: Brent Peery

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Pages: 128

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