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Can I Tell You About Hope?: A Helpful Introduction For Everyone

ISBN: 9781785926761
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Meet Matt, who wants to learn what hope means. Matt likes to 'think positive' - if he believes in himself he is sure he can achieve whatever he wants. No need to revise for the big test, or practice his guitar, as long as he hopes for the best! But when his disappointing results come back, Matt starts to think maybe there is more to hope than just wishful thinking.
Is it always good to hope, or are there times when hoping is misguided or futile? What sort of things can we - or should we - hope for, and what does hoping demand of us?
What could we do to make our hopes more likely to come to fruition? The ideal conversation starter for children aged 7+, this illustrated guide will open discussion as to what hope means, the different types of hope, and whether or not it is a good quality.
Market: Teachers and other education professionals, to be read with school-aged children. Also parents, and the general reader interested in courage