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Promoting Resilience in Dementia Care: A Person-Centred Framework for As

ISBN: 9781785926006

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This practice-focussed resource shows dementia care professionals how to harness resilience in their daily practice when working with people living with dementia. Nurturing and developing resilience can hugely improve quality of life for people living with dementia, and as such it is an important tool for practitioners to provide targeted, meaningful support that fits into the lives of people with dementia and care partners.
This book guides readers through the key concepts of resilience within the context of dementia and explains the unique challenges and opportunities of developing resilience in this situation. It also provides real-world examples of resilience in dementia assessment and care and suggests clear frameworks for applying resilience in daily practice, as well as template assessment sheets. A practical and accessible resource, this book helps professionals ensure that people with dementia are treated as individuals actively engaged in their own lives and in the care which they receive.