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Suicide Prevention Techniques: How a Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives

ISBN: 9781785925498

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An unprecedented insight into the approach used by the innovative Suicide Crisis charity, a crisis centre that has so far achieved a zero suicide rate amongst their clients. This book explains their ethos, how they work and the ways in which their services operate. The idea for the service grew out of the author's own lived experience of suicidal crisis, and her inability to find the right kind of help. This experience provides an understanding and awareness of what suicidal clients go through and the kind of help they require, and the success rate of the charity proves that the techniques used are effective. Covering relationship-building, providing intensive support, achieving a balance between protecting clients and giving them control, engaging high-risk men least likely to seek help, assessing risk accurately and more, this groundbreaking approach provides everything needed to save lives of people in suicidal crisis.