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Inclusive Judaism: The Changing Face of an Ancient Faith

Inclusive Judaism: The Changing Face of an Ancient Faith

ISBN: 9781785925443
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One of the best-kept religious secrets has been the revolution that has been quietly taking place within Judaism over the last two decades, as it has sought to grapple with contemporary issues. These include mixed-faith marriages, gay relationships, women's empowerment, declining numbers, atheism and being trans. It has involved a willingness to abandon biblical laws that conflict with modern values. Most ground-breaking of all, it has meant re-defining what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.
Inclusive Judaism not only uncovers this religion revolution, but presents a challenge to all people of faith on how best to marry tradition and modernity. The book also reflects the
soul-searching that has prompted rabbis to chart a new course, both out of principle and as a practical way of rescuing British Jewry from possible collapse if it did not adapt to the
new social trends that affect us all.


By: Jonathan Romain,David Mitchell,Maureen Lipman

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Pages: 240

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