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Autism Mothers Speak Out: Stories of Advocacy and Activism from Around t

Autism Mothers Speak Out: Stories of Advocacy and Activism from Around t

he World

ISBN: 9781785925153
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Raising a child with autism comes with its own unique set of challenges, not least of which is dealing with the constant scrutiny of your parenting. This collection of stories from all corners of the globe celebrates the love, commitment and heroism of mothers of people with autism. These intimate accounts reveal both the differences in cultural attitudes, and the universality of the autism experience.
Mothers from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds speak out about the highs and lows of raising autistic children, and the shift in attitudes to autism as they watch their children enter adult life. Putting to bed the belief that autism is a result of poor parenting, this book not only lets parents know they are part of a supportive global community, it also highlights the positive aspects of autism and champions neurodiversity.


By: Margaret Golding,Jill Stacey,Carole Kevan,Edith Betty Roncancio Morales,Irene Anne Constantinou,Isabel Bayonas,Jackie Ceonzo,Joan Curtis,Liz Lawrence,Mary Moeketsi

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Pages: 168

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