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All About Ben: Helping Children with Attachment Issues to Understand The

ISBN: 9781785924996
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'When I am ready, I need you to talk to me and help me understand my feelings...'
This reassuring story helps children aged 5+ with attachment issues to understand their feelings, open up to a caring adult and learn how to choose positive behaviours. Ben is made up of lots of different 'parts' - to name a few, he has happy, caring, angry, excited, hugging and yelling parts. Ben explains how all these parts are okay, and that a caring adult can help you to understand and manage them more easily.
This book also features activities to help children talk about their feelings, and a simple introduction to attachment theory for adults.
Market: Adoptive parents and foster carers of children aged 5+; social workers, teachers, virtual schools, school counsellors, family support workers, children's centres, child therapists.