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Character Toolkit for Teachers: 100+ Classroom and Whole School Characte

Character Toolkit for Teachers: 100+ Classroom and Whole School Characte

r Education Activities for 5-11 Year Olds

ISBN: 9781785924903
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This accessible and much-needed resource sets out advice on how to develop character and encourage wellbeing in pupils aged 5-11.
Schools are increasingly aware of how beneficial positive character skills can be, but resources on how to develop them are scarce. This book gives teachers the means to promote gratitude, positive emotions, character strengths, and positive relationships through 109 easy-to-implement activities such as student diaries, classroom displays and letter writing campaigns. It also includes tools and strategies that go beyond the classroom, helping to embed character education into the culture and ethos of the entire school. Each chapter will include a short introduction to the relevant theoretical background, and all activities are based on validated character education and positive psychology interventions.
Bite-sized and practical, and full of ideas that can be dipped in and out of in the classroom, this is an ideal book for busy teachers.
Market: Teachers. Can be used by therapists and social workers as well.


By: Frederika Roberts,Elizabeth Wright,Kristjan Kristjansson

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Pages: 184

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