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Moulster and Griffiths Learning Disability Nursing Model: A Framework fo

ISBN: 9781785924804
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The Moulster and Griffiths nursing model is the first developed specifically for learningdisability nurses. This book describes the model and offers a solid framework to assess,plan, reflect on and evaluate person-centred care.With approximately 1.5 million people in Britain living with a learning disability and aproven correlation between the use of models of care and the achievements of outcomesfor those supported, this book is the perfect tool for learning disability nurses. It ensuresthat there is a shared vision for learning disability nursing practice, and helps nursesaddress a wide variety of heath care needs.By providing an in-depth description of the model and accompanying downloadablematerial, the book provides a dedicated structure for learning disability nursing, andremains unique in its transferability to different clinical settings.