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Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children: Connecting through Moveme

Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children: Connecting through Moveme

nt, Play and Creativity

ISBN: 9781785924552
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A vivid exploration of working with autistic children using empowering techniques from a range of creative therapies. Each chapter in this heartening book is the story of a child with autism and how therapy was pivotal in confronting his or her individual dilemma.
Covering many of the behaviours characteristic to autism, such as uncontrolled anger and obsessive tendencies, the therapies used range from drawing and dancing to meditation and martial arts, depending on the needs and interests of each child. The key message is that investing in the relationship between the therapist and the child - so that they grow, play and develop together - is transformative.
Market: Professionals working therapeutically with young people on the autism spectrum, including counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, dance movement therapists, play therapists arts therapists, yoga therapists, bodyworkers, and also teachers and social workers; parents of young people with autism.


By: Jonas Torrance

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Pages: 176

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