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Evidence-Based Practice in Dementia for Nurses and Nursing Students

ISBN: 9781785924293

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This essential textbook on dementia care introduces the knowledge that nurses need,including the evidence base for practice and the guidance to transfer this newly acquiredknowledge into everyday practice. Each of the 25 chapters are written by experts in thefield of dementia care and are grounded in thoroughly researched, up-to-date evidence,have a direct bearing to nurse practice, and use case studies to give examples ofapplication of the evidence to practice.It begins by introducing dementia as a diagnosis, a syndrome, and a set of diseases,signs and symptoms. It then deals with various principles that underpin dementia care,including person-centred care, behaviours that challenge, risk management, andunderstanding relationships affected by dementia. Finally, it assesses dementia careacross a range of care settings, such as primary care, care homes, domiciliary care,acute hospital, and hospice services.