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How to Do Restorative Peer Mediation in Your School: A Quick Start Kit

How to Do Restorative Peer Mediation in Your School: A Quick Start Kit

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ISBN: 9781785923845
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Developed for schools exploring the use of restorative approaches to conflict resolution, this manual explains how to set up and run a restorative peer mediation programme, to provide students with the skills needed to nurture a climate of care and co-operation.
Peer mediation can help peers solve conflicts in the classroom and schoolyard, providing both peer mediators and the children they help with opportunities for responsibility, growth and learning, as well as freeing up time for teachers to focus on priorities. The manual includes all the information you need on how restorative peer mediation works, and includes an easy to implement training programme with sample scripts, handouts and letter templates to train up peer mediators in your school.
With adapted materials for delivering training to children aged 4-16, this manual is accompanied by downloadable and adaptable online materials to tailor training to specific settings.


By: Bill Hansberry,Christie-Lee Hansberry,Margaret Thorsborne

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Pages: 160

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