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Autism, Ethnicity and Culture: Working with Children and Families from M

ISBN: 9781785923609

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Autism affects all ethnicities, yet professionals do not always have the skills required tosupport the diverse needs of autistic young people and their families from differentcommunities. As a result, families from these communities often experience issues ingetting a diagnosis, access to educational and social care settings, appropriateness ofsocial skills being taught to children, and misinterpretation of behaviour exhibited by thesechildren, which can also lead to higher rates of exclusions.This innovative book provides professionals with knowledge about the issues faced andequips them with practical strategies to resolve them. Drawing on his extensiveexperience and research, Perepa combines a comprehensive overview of autism andminority ethnic communities with guidance on how best to support children and youngpeople from these communities. An essential resource for professionals working in ourincreasingly multicultural society.