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The Simple Guide to Sensitive Boys

The Simple Guide to Sensitive Boys

How to Nurture Children and Avoid Trauma

ISBN: 9781785923258
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Did Prince quit football club to practise the guitar? Either way, it's a good thing that not all boys fit the mould when it comes to 'manly' stereotypes. This highly readable guide gives simple yet sage advice on how to celebrate and care for boys who are more sensitive than others. Clearly explaining the harmful consequences of imposing norms on children, it provides helpful tips on how to bring up sensitive boys to embrace their individuality and be the best they can be.
Market: Parents, primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, child counsellors, social workers, child psychiatrists; all adults caring for boys who are sensitive or confused about their gender.


By: Betsy de Thierry,Emma Reeves,Jane Evans

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Pages: 104

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