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Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change

Generation Y, Spirituality and Social Change

ISBN: 9781785923050
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What are the different ways Generation Y are choosing to practice spirituality in the 21st century?
The millennial generation are doing faith and spirituality differently. Many are rejecting religious institutions, and developing their own personal flexible identity, from the wealth of different spiritual teachings and practices around them.
Rather than engaging with a specific religion, and the issues that religions may face, young people are prioritising social action and, informed by their sense of spirituality and faith, are asking what they can do to build a fairer, more sustainable world.
This collection of stories and interviews explores this new landscape of spirituality and youth-led social action and show what it can teach about the evolution of faith future and humanity's changing relationship with the sacred.


By: Justine Afra Huxley

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Pages: 288

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