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Conversation Starters for Direct Work with Children and Young People: Gu

ISBN: 9781785922879
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Some children face traumatic or difficult events in their lives, and it's essential that they are helped to understand such events and given permission to talk. To do this, helping adults need to be equipped and confident to start these conversations.
Conversation Starters for Direct Work with Children and Young People provides guidance and support for any adult who needs to talk to children about difficult issues. The issues covered include domestic abuse and drug use, mental health issues, adoption and fostering, family illness and bereavement, as well as giving evidence in court.
Co-authored by the bestselling author of Direct Work with Vulnerable Children and Direct Work with Family Groups, this book combines seasoned practice wisdom with practical examples and activity ideas to enable you to best help the children in your care.
Market: Social workers, child protection workers, therapists, counsellors, health professionals, residential care workers, police interviewers, teaching staff, nursery workers, court-appointed guardians, child and family centre workers.