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Early Years Movement Handbook: A Principles-Based Approach to Supporting

Early Years Movement Handbook: A Principles-Based Approach to Supporting

Young Children's Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing

ISBN: 9781785922602
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Why is movement so important to ensuring children's smooth overall development? How may this be supported by adults? And what are the implications of this for practice? Answering these questions and more, this book provides shows the link between a child being physical able, and their day-to-day literacy and numerical skills. The first half introduces the eight core principles of movement-based learning. It explains why movement plays such a critical role in ensuring smooth overall development and how physical activity informs the skills that support effective communication and schoolreadiness. The second suggests ways in which they may be implemented in daily practice with children from 0-5 years. All children need to be confident and competent movers, effective communicators and ready to tackle the challenges of new experiences and environments and this book will provide the knowledge and tools to ensure that they are.


By: Lala Manners

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Pages: 312

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