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Catatonia, Shutdown and Breakdown in Autism

Catatonia, Shutdown and Breakdown in Autism

A Psycho-Ecological Approach

ISBN: 9781785922497
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Catatonia is often misunderstood, and is frequently associated with conditions such as schizophrenia, but rarely with autism. This book introduces catatonia in relation to autism with methods for recognising the symptoms. By enabling those working alongside people with autism to identify the condition, they are better situated to support those who experience it. With a completely new psycho-ecological approach, this guide will help carers support individuals in cases of mild to moderate catatonia.
Based on Dr Amitta Shah's lifetime of clinical experience raising awareness of catatonia and her research in collaboration with Lorna Wing, this much needed book is essential for professionals working with people with autism and useful for friends and families of people with autism.


By: Amitta Shah

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Pages: 160

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