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Trans Voices: Becoming Who You Are

Trans Voices: Becoming Who You Are

ISBN: 9781785922404
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Imagine what it must be like to feel you are a woman 'trapped' in a man's body. Or a man 'trapped' in a woman's body. And what happens if you decide to reject your birth gender and become a trans man or a trans woman?
In this enlightening book, you can hear the voices of those who have decided to undergo the transition process and become who they really believe they are. Drawing on over one hundred interviews with individuals, this book details the diverse experiences and challenges faced by those who transition - both male-to-female and female-to-male - exploring a range of topics such as hormone treatments, reassignment surgeries, coming out, sex and sexuality, physical, emotional and mental health and transphobia, discrimination and hate crime.
The book also highlights the lives of non-binary individuals and those who cross-dress to form a wider understanding of gender fluidity and the varied ways in which people experience gender. This powerful book is an ideal introduction to those keen to understand more about contemporary trans issues as well as those questioning their own gender identity.


By: Declan Henry,Stephen Whittle

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Pages: 232

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