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Chaplaincy and the Soul of Health and Social Care: Fostering Spiritual W

Chaplaincy and the Soul of Health and Social Care: Fostering Spiritual W

ellbeing in Emerging Paradigms of Care

ISBN: 9781785922244
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Gathering together thoughts and visions of experienced practitioners, academics, educators and strategic leaders from around the world, this edited volume sheds light on the nature of chaplaincy and its role and significance within ever-changing contemporary healthcare systems.
A wide range of issues central to spiritual care delivery are covered, including reflections on what it feels like to be cared for by a chaplain through illness; the nature of chaplaincy as a profession; and how chaplains can engage with healthcare institutions in ways that have integrity yet are also deeply spiritual. The focus throughout is that chaplaincy should not only be guidance for people in distress, as a form of crisis intervention, but is rather about helping to promote wellbeing and enhance people's quality of life.
Where specialisms tend to fragment systems and individuals, this book seeks to show that true health and wellbeing can only be found through a holistic approach, and shows how chaplaincy can bring this to the table. This book is for anyone who recognises the centrality of spirituality for wellbeing, and wishes to see what that might look like in practice.


By: Ewan Kelly,John Swinton,Tim Bennison,Don Bryant,Eva Buelens,Ken Donaldson,Hans Evers,George Fitchett,David Fleenor,Kevin Franz

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Pages: 368

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