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Welcome to Fostering: A Guide to Becoming and Being a Foster Carer

Welcome to Fostering: A Guide to Becoming and Being a Foster Carer

ISBN: 9781785922046
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Foster carers often find themselves lacking support, or facing tough decisions. It can feel like there is no roadmap for this extremely rewarding but challenging experience. Welcome to Fostering is that guide. It covers all the realities of life as a foster parent at all stages of their fostering lives: why fostering is necessary, how to become a foster carer and what it takes to thrive as one.
Drawing on a wealth of experience from foster children, social workers, current foster carers and their birth children allows this book to offer a wider range of perspectives on fostering. Key issues and situations covered include:
· Your first placement
· What it's like to be a foster child
· How to match and receive a child into your home
· Behaviour management
· Managing contact
Covering the joys and challenges of having new children enter your life, giving guidance on dealing with crises and setbacks, as well as how to cope when it is time to say goodbye, this book is invaluable for foster carers at any level.


By: Andy Elvin,Martin Barrow,Bev Pickering,John Simmonds,Jon Fayle,Louise Facer Facer Cox,Martin Clarke,Yvonne Smith,Annie - Surviving Surviving Safeguarding

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Pages: 224

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