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Building Continuing Bonds for Grieving and Bereaved Children: A Guide fo

Building Continuing Bonds for Grieving and Bereaved Children: A Guide fo

r Counsellors and Practitioners

ISBN: 9781785921933
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The period following the death of a friend or loved one can be tumultuous for anyone, but can be especially difficult for children, with lasting effects if the loss is not acknowledged or supported. This book emphasises the importance of listening to children and helping them to create positive bonds that can sustain them as they go through their lives. It provides practical, creative approaches to support children in their time of bereavement and to those whose loved one is dying.
By recognising feelings of pain, anger, and confusion through open and positive discussions, a child is able to build emotional resilience and create enduring memories of the person they have lost. The author explains the importance of developing continuing bonds between children and loved ones in times of bereavement and offers practical ways in which these bonds may be nurtured through creative activities, memory making, and personal storytelling.
Market: Counsellors, professionals working with bereaved children, parents, teachers, palliative care staff, and general interest.


By: Brenda Mallon

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Pages: 144

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