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Supporting People Bereaved through a Drug- or Alcohol-Related Death

Supporting People Bereaved through a Drug- or Alcohol-Related Death

ISBN: 9781785921919
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Indispensable guide for people supporting or counselling adults bereaved through a substance-related death. With contributions from a variety of subject experts, the book provides guidance on the specific aspects of this type of bereavement, with case studies, examples and descriptions of good practice.

This pioneering book provides guidance for those helping bereaved adults through the process of grieving loved ones who died as a result of substance use.

People bereaved in this manner require very specific support through these unique circumstances, and this book contains contributions from a range of leading experts in the field on how to help people bereaved in this way, with examples of good practice. It combines theory, research and practice in a straightforward and untechnical way, clearly describing the complex, severe nature of these bereavements and how to support bereaved people through this complex grieving process. The book also explains bereavement, substance use and how addictive substance use can affect a family, and provides comprehensive case studies that illustrate how to support and counsel.

Rooted in specialist professional experience, this is the indispensable guide for all those whose work involves supporting these bereaved people, as well as being of interest to those bereaved this way and their family, friends and colleagues who may be supporting them.


By: Peter Cartwright

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Pages: 336

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