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Autism and Enablement: Occupational Therapy Approaches to Promote Indepe

Autism and Enablement: Occupational Therapy Approaches to Promote Indepe

ndence for Adults with Autism

ISBN: 9781785920875
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Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) or a suspected diagnosis often have hidden needs that go unmet by public services. This book describes and analyses the Kent ASC enablement approach, a short-term intervention led by occupational therapy to promote people with ASC becoming more self-aware and self-sufficient outside of public services.
Designed to teach adults with ASC strategies for controlling their sensory, motor-processing and social-communication needs and preferences, this person-centred approach gives them greater self-management over their lives. The book also provides an overview of a range of both professional and self-help tools and technologies which can be used by adults with ASC to increase independence and wellbeing. Case-studies demonstrate the transformative effects of enablement on daily life for adults with ASC. The book also provides recommendation for building on the enablement approach.  
Market: Professionals who come into contact with adults with ASC through learning disability and mental health services, local authorities, health services. Individuals on the autism spectrum interested in strategies and tools to support their daily living.


By: Matt Bushell,Sandra Gasson,Ute Vann

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Pages: 184

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