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Dyslexia in the Early Years: A Handbook for Practice

Dyslexia in the Early Years: A Handbook for Practice

A Handbook for Practice

ISBN: 9781785920653
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Research has shown that early identification and intervention is crucial and can in fact minimise, and may even prevent, the challenges of dyslexia from becoming too detrimental at later stages of education. This book offers both research insights and practical guidance for teachers working in Early Years settings on how to create resource materials that would be suitable for the development of children with dyslexia.
Beginning with a contextual note on the key difficulties faced by children at risk of dyslexia, the book takes the reader through the processes of identification and diagnosis, before offering ideas on how to tailor classroom materials for these students. The book's resource materials are designed to target areas such as reading, spelling, numeracy, language skills, social and emotional development, and problem solving skills.


By: Gavin Reid

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Pages: 208

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