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Psycho-spiritual Care in Health Care Practice

Psycho-spiritual Care in Health Care Practice

ISBN: 9781785920394
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Meeting the psychological and spiritual needs of patients is vital to supporting their wellbeing in health care settings. To develop an effective, holistic and inclusive approach to care within predominantly medical health care models, practitioners across health care disciplines must work collaboratively to understand the complex, significant relationships between their patients' medical, therapeutic and spiritual requirements.
Bridging the gap between care disciplines, this book presents an innovative vision of patient wellbeing enriched by a synthesis of psychological, spiritual and medical approaches. Prominent practitioners from a range of disciplines including nursing and psychiatry demonstrate how their psychospiritual approaches meet the individual needs of patients, adapting to their emotional, spiritual and religious requirements.
Accessible and enlightening, this book offers significant practical insight into the role of psychologically informed spiritual care.


By: Guy Harrison,Rachel Freeth,Gavin Garman,Isabel Clarke,Steve Nolan,Bob Heath,Prof William West

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Pages: 208

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