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Assessment and Intervention with Mothers and Partners Following Child Se

Assessment and Intervention with Mothers and Partners Following Child Se

xual Abuse: Empowering to Protect

ISBN: 9781785920202
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Working with Mothers of Sexually Abused Children provides child protection professionals with the guidance they need to make the right decisions in cases of suspected or proven sexual abuse and ensure the best outcome for the child.
Assessments and interventions used for other forms of abuse, such as physical abuse or neglect, elicit a great deal of information, but do not fully address the issues and needs in relation to child sexual abuse. This book lays out a new model for understanding, assessing and working with mothers of sexually abused children or partners of known or suspected sexual offenders - a model which combines offender knowledge with understanding of mothers and partners.
It is structured around the following central critical questions:
· Did she know it was happening?
· Is she able to protect the child?
· What do I need to do to ensure that the child is safe?
Combining research and empirical evidence with case studies, exercises and practical guidance, this book is essential reading for child protection professionals working with children and families.


By: Jenny Still

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Pages: 240

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