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Know, love and inspire your people

ISBN: 9781785834868
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Practical, evidence-based and optimistic, Leader will inspire leaders in any setting to lead through service and empower them with the tools to help their team flourish.
In this wide-ranging book, Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston eloquently combine up-to-date research in psychology and neuroscience with inspiring examples of success to show that leadership can be learnt and that it is all about looking after your people.
The book takes you on a journey to meet a diverse selection of great leaders from multiple different spheres – from the sports field to the corporate world. Katy and Emmie talk you through how all of these effective leaders have become great having mastered three key lessons: know your people, love your people, and inspire your people. These three principles form the core of the book, which also features a wide range of practical activities designed to help the reader reflect on both their own and their team's points of action for future progress.
Features and benefits:
  • Includes inspiring examples of leaders who have made a significant impact in their organisations through putting the lessons of flourishing into practice.
  • Provides a range of activities for readers to complete, both on their own and with their teams, that have been shown to help everyone to flourish.
  • Explores how and why effective leaders outperform others – not just in terms of results, but, even more importantly, through the contributions they make to people's lives.
  • Contends that leadership which focuses on the flourishing of people is not only intrinsically valuable but is also the most important factor in achieving success in any domain.
Market/audience: Suitable for both aspiring and established leaders looking to help their teams flourish.


By: Katy Granville-Chapman,Emmie Bidston

Release Date:


Pages: 250

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