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Middle Leadership for 21st Century Schools

Middle Leadership for 21st Century Schools

From compliance to commitment

ISBN: 9781785834349
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Sets out the essential elements of a contemporary approach to middle leadership that will help school leaders successfully navigate a rapidly changing educational landscape.  
This first level of leadership is being asked of teachers far earlier in their careers than ever before - and many of them will have had little or no relevant training, especially in how to apply leadership. With all the research into leadership indicating that positive and motivated teams produce the best results, knowing how to lead a team effectively will ensure that middle leaders have the greatest possible impact on school improvement.  
In Middle Leadership for 21st Century Schools, Bill Lowe expertly combines the latest educational leadership research with anecdotal reports from a wide range of real-life school experiences to help middle leaders succeed through people-focused leadership and not simply by using data as a weapon. Covering a range of issues - from building and maintaining your professional image, to dealing with conflict and difficult conversations - this book reveals the ‘how' of leadership when applied to the day-to-day demands of the school setting.


By: Bill Lowe

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Pages: 168

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