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Teach Like You Imagined It

ISBN: 9781785834004

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Shares a wealth of tools, ideas and encouragement to help teachers manage the conflicting pressures of teaching, and to become the educators they imagined they would be.
Before you became a teacher, you imagined yourself as a teacher; hopefully in your imagination you would have been happy, good at your job, and able to manage your work–life balance effectively. Chances are that the reality of teaching is a little different to your imagined life – and it is this disconnect that is likely to breed dissatisfaction and frustration.
What if you could use simple strategies to refresh your teaching practice and take back control of your workload? Covering the prioritising of tasks, the streamlining of marking and feedback, making the most of data and getting the best out of CPD, this book is packed with trusted techniques and savvy suggestions to help you to teach like you imagined it.
Suitable for both new and experienced teachers.