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Powering Up Students

ISBN: 9781785833380
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Guy Claxton and Graham Powell's Powering Up Students details the small tweaks to daily practice that will help secondary school teachers attend more closely to the ways in which they can boost their students' learning dispositions and attitudes.
The Learning Power Approach (LPA) is a pedagogical formula which aims to develop all students as confident and capable learners – ready, willing and able to choose, design, research, pursue, troubleshoot and evaluate learning for themselves, alone and with others, in school and out. This approach therefore empowers teachers to complement their delivery of content, knowledge and skills with the nurturing of positive habits of mind that will better prepare students to flourish in later life.
Building upon the foundations carefully laid by Guy's first book in the Learning Power series, The Learning Power Approach, this new instalment embeds the ideas of his influential method in the context of the secondary school. Guy and Graham provide a thorough explanation of how the LPA's core components apply to this level of education and, by presenting a wide range of classroom examples, illustrate how they can be put into practice in different curricular areas – focusing especially on embedding the learning dispositions into learners' tackling of more demanding content, while emphasising the need to ‘get the grades' as well.
Suitable for both newly qualified and experienced secondary school teachers.