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WTF Just Happened? How to Make Better Decisions by Asking Yourself Bette

WTF Just Happened? How to Make Better Decisions by Asking Yourself Bette

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ISBN: 9781785830310
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How great would it be to learn from other people's mistakes rather than having to make our own? In WTF Just Happened? Martin Goodyer presents a hilarious compilation of catastrophes to help readers do just this. Drawing on his experience as a psychologist and taking the perspective of a behavioural change coach, Martin offers insights into people's often irrational behaviour and suggests ways to avoid such behaviour ourselves. Reading this book won't stop bad things from happening - but it can prevent you from making it worse if they do.

This is not a self-help book. The self-help bit is up to you. Here's why: self-help books are OK, but many are not great. They normally tell you to do this or that and then you'll be fine - but real life isn't usually that simple and good advice is only useful if you can remember to use it. Stories, on the other hand, stick with you, and these cautionary tales could help you avoid your own WTF moments. Your empathy for these unfortunate characters might just help you to see things differently and respond in a more positive way the next time life throws something unexpected at you.

We all have WTF moments but, unfortunately, few of us respond well. We say and do things that we regret, and in hindsight we know we could have reacted so much better. This collection of cringeworthy stories explains why this happens and offers practical advice to prevent it happening to you.

Topics covered include: how to avoid missing the point; how to avoid being embarrassed by being overheard; how to avoid being 'good' but not great; how to avoid getting fired; how to avoid unpleasant romantic 'surprises'; how to avoid your darling children turning into teenage monsters; how to avoid letting yourself go; how to avoid tying the knot with the wrong person; how to avoid losing your way, and be successful despite the odds; how to avoid crushing debt; how to avoid losing your confidence and self-esteem; how to avoid letting life pass you by; how to avoid misinterpretations, mistakes and misunderstandings; how to avoid getting taken for a ride; how to avoid getting dumped all the time; how to avoid losing out at work; how to avoid getting fat; how to avoid losing when you should have won; how to avoid dealing with a bad situation badly; how to avoid getting scammed; how to avoid 'losing it' during a panic; how to avoid being too late; how to avoid losing your friends; how to avoid putting up with unhappiness; how to avoid saying 'what if' and 'if only'; how to avoid leaving your best behind; how to avoid buying into the wrong thing; how to avoid missing an open door; how to avoid being steamrollered by circumstance; how to avoid missing out; how to avoid wishing you hadn't given up; and finally ... how to avoid being a loser.

An ideal book for anyone interested in human behaviour, personal development or avoiding mistakes by learning from others'. If you only buy one book to help you handle life's challenges, then make it this one.


By: Martin Goodyer

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Pages: 240

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