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Maybe I'm Doing it Wrong

Maybe I'm Doing it Wrong

The Life & Times of Randy Newman

ISBN: 9781783055531
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There has never been anyone quite like Randy Newman, a truly unique and distinctive voice in popular, film and TV music. Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong - The Life And Music Of Randy Newman is a biography that presents an ideal introduction to the singer-songwriter while also celebrating a wonderful body of work for established fans. Written by David and Caroline Stafford, this authoritative and comprehensive biography of the great Randy Newman boasts a rich exploration of his life and music, along with notes on some of the more unlikely topics and characters found in his inimitable songs. Newman is perhaps best known for his film and television themes, including his seven scores for Disney-Pixar, including his incomparable theme for Toy Story. Having written catchy pop songs that have been covered by artists like Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones and Joe Cocker, it is his own albums, however, that introduced the world to his style - at once ironic and romantic, humorous and celebratory. This biography uses in-depth research, interviews and two excellent photography sections to tell the story of Randy Newman, one of the world's most admired songwriters.


By: David Stafford,Caroline Stafford

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Pages: 288

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