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The Making of Modern Baseball

ISBN: 9781782551898

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Major League Baseball has enjoyed a long period of progress and success. For over 118 years, events, institutions, people, and regulations, transformed it both in the short and long run. The Making of Modern Baseball examines the development of Major League Baseball, including the recruitment, entry, and performance of ballplayers from foreign countries; the competitive balance or degree of parity that exists among teams within and between the American and National League; expansion of new franchises located in the United States and Canada; and the economic realities of the leagues given the demographics, distribution, and wealth of their franchises' markets. Additionally, this book provides answers to such questions as: What types of simple and complex methods exist to measure and analyze performances of players and their teams? What has been the impact of free agency on ballplayers' salaries? How different are the gate receipts, total revenues, and valuations of large, midsized, and small market teams? The Making of Modern Baseball takes the reader deep into Major League Baseball, making it a must-have for every fan and follower of the sport.