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Coach's Guide to Mind Mapping

ISBN: 9781782551195
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The Coach's Guide to Mind Mapping is a tool that will help you become an expert coach. Although this particular learning resource uses soccer examples, it is a technique that can be universally applied within any sporting context. Because the current demands of modern-day (soccer) coaching require coaches to know and deliver a greater deal of knowledge to players, the mind mapping technique aims to support the coaching process by helping you to identify and develop your ability to recall technical and tactical knowledge from memory. Additionally, the resource can be used to help facilitate the knowledge acquisition process as the learner journeys through their coaching qualifications while developing key learning skills.This book focuses on developing how you-the coach-can remember, organize, and deliver the technical and tactical information that your players need. It contains guidelines for developing, creating, and evaluating the impact of the mind mapping technique. Familiar soccer themes are used to help you follow the mind mapping examples with ease. Simple worksheets help you to practice the mind mapping technique, reflect on your development, and set personal targets. So go ahead-learn, coach, develop!