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Biodynamic Beekeeping

ISBN: 9781782506744

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Modern beekeeping, influenced by new technologies and breeding methods, has increased honey production but left bee colonies weak and vulnerable to disease. With the alarming decline of the bee population raising concerns about an impending ecological crisis, many beekeepers are seeking a more sustainable way of caring for bees. Biodynamic Beekeeping is the first book to offer practical instruction on caring for bees using biodynamic theories and methods. By considering the influence of the movement of the stars and the planets on the bees' natural habits, biodynamics encourages beekeepers to be more in tune with their bees indicating, for example, the best days on which to inspect colonies or gather honey. This fascinating book offers beekeepers detailed advice and instruction on how to work more holistically, including: -- the challenges and advantages of breeding queen bees --how to artificially induce swarming to propagate colonies -- how to use biodynamic ashing techniques to combat varroa mites -- instructions for making winter-feed according to current biodynamic thinking