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Dangerous Lives of the Jacobites

ISBN: 9781782505969
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Who were the Jacobites and what were they fighting for? Step into the shoes of siblings Rob and Aggie, young Jacobites living in the Scottish Highlands in 1745, the year of the final Jacobite Rising.
From the battlefield to the croft, each easy-to-read chapter mixes Rob and Aggie's stories with timelines, maps, diagrams and illustrations to create a fact-tastic account of the Jacobite Risings, which is both fun and emotionally engaging for younger readers.
Take a journey through time and find out:
Who was Bonnie Prince Charlie and why was a young man from Italy leading the fight for the Scottish crown?
What happened at the earlier failed Risings, and why did the Jacobites keep fighting?
How can you turn a kilt into a sleeping bag?
What really happened at the Battle of Culloden?
Who were the Redcoats?
How did the Jacobite Risings change Scotland for ever?
The Dangerous Lives of the Jacobites continues the brilliant Fact-tastic series, which blends together intriguing facts and fascinating fiction to bring the most exciting, gruesome and crucial moments of Scottish history alive for young readers.