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Thorfinn and The Raging Raiders

Thorfinn and The Raging Raiders

ISBN: 9781782502333
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You might think all Vikings are rough, tough, mean, hairy and smelly. But Thorfinn is no ordinary Viking.  
Indgar villagers are out watching an elk polo match, the village is attacked, and Thorfinn's mum goes missing, presumed kidnapped. Harald, Velda, Thorfinn and his boisterous brothers chase the mysterious raiders across the North Sea towards Scotland. Will Thorfinn the Nicest Viking manage to find his mum and bring her back home safe and sound?
Book 5 in the Thorfinn Series -  
  • Thorfinn and the Awful Invasion
  • Thorfinn and the Gruesome Games
  • Thorfinn and the Rotten Scots
  • Thorfinn and the Disgusting Feast
  • Thorfinn and the Raging Raiders
  • Thorfinn and the Terrible Treasure
  • Imprint: KELPIES

    By: David MacPhail,Richard Morgan

    Release Date:

    Format: PAPERBACK

    Pages: 136

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