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Brought Up Of Nought

Brought Up Of Nought

A History of the Woodville Family

ISBN: 9781781557433
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Described as greedy and grasping, and raised from nothing, the Woodviles have had a bad press. This book investigates the family origins, and explains the rise and fall of the senior branch from baron to gentry, and how, in the early fifteenth century the wheel of fortune turned dramatically in favour of the junior branch in Northamptonshire, who rose to the highest level of society. Sir Richard Woodvile was placed in the service of John, Duke of Bedford at his court in Rouen. When the duke died he then secretly married his widow Jacquetta, and in 1464 their daughter Elizabeth made an extraordinary marriage to the young king, Edward IV. This move attracted criticism at the time and resulted in a period of slander which continues to this day: was the Woodviles blackened reputation the result of a concerted campaign by one man, Richard, Earl of Warwick, who was jealous of the Woodviles and eager to retrieve his position as kingmaker.


By: Lynda Pidgeon

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