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Dynamically Different Classrooms

Dynamically Different Classrooms

Create spaces that spark learning

ISBN: 9781781352977
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Shares high-impact guidance on how to maximise the potential of every square inch of the learning environment.
Classrooms are private places. A lucky few - consultants and inspectors amongst them - get to visit hundreds of classrooms a year, yet many teachers never get the opportunity to see how other teachers 'do it'. In Dynamically Different Classrooms Claire Gadsby and Jan Evans take away the guesswork by providing a visually striking masterclass on how to design and use the space within classrooms to enhance pupils' learning experiences.
Packed with a variety of practical ideas, this inspiring book takes teachers on a unique journey of classroom discovery - from 'sacred spaces' to 'pit stops', and from 'enable tables' to 'independence stations' - and gives them an instant shot of creativity as well as a thought-provoking point of comparison with other schools and phases of education. Teachers will be inspired, intrigued and compelled to take action - literally moving the furniture and clearing the walls in order to 'spring clean' their practice.
Suitable for all teachers, senior leaders, trainees and teaching assistants in all phases of education.


By: Jan Evans,Claire Gadsby

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Pages: 176

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