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Independent Thinking

Independent Thinking

ISBN: 9781781350553
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Beyond the goal of teaching children to know things, to pass exams, to get through school, to find a place in the system, we need to teach children to reflect critically on what is going on around them and to ask whether that's the way it should be?' Society, success, morals, poverty, social mobility, happiness, values, mental health, relationships, aspirations, self-esteem, equity, opportunity, politics – all are linked to education. The education of individuals, the education of whole generations. But what do we mean by education and what should a ‘quality education' involve in the 21st century?As one of the UK's most sought-after speakers and trainers with experience supporting schools across the world for two decades,this controversial book is Ian Gilbert telling it how it is. Drawing on his experience in the UK, the Middle East and most recentlyLatin America, it is a fascinating and controversial collection of articles, reflections and inspirations to open our eyes to whateducation is really all about.


By: Ian Gilbert

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Pages: 224

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