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Digital Life Skills for Youth:

Digital Life Skills for Youth:

A Guide for Parents, Guardians, and Educators

ISBN: 9781770403147
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- A child can't make tea if you don't teach them how to boil water.
- A child can't walk to school alone unless we teach them to safely cross the road.
- A child can't read unless we teach them the alphabet.
- A child can't swim unless we teach them to float.

Digital skills are foundational too.

In this digital age, how do you protect kids on the Internet? Things have changed so much in the last few years. Dangers lie in social media and within apps. The use of these tools runs the risk of safety loss/cyberbullying, addiction, and a loss of personal connection and community.

The thing is, we need to live in the new reality and teach our kids how to do that too. This book teaches skills for living online and with technology; digital life skills for parents and educators to use to help kids. It covers:

- Document management
- Version control
- Malware
- Cyberbullying resistance
- Digital etiquette
- Gaming and avoiding addiction

This book identifies current problems and offers real-world solutions and guidance.

The author has an imminent qualification in education technology (M.Ed.). She writes with authority about the realities for teachers in the classroom, the technology demands of curriculum, the conflicts with parents' expectations, and the affordances of technology that do good! Add to that her Mom/Auntie experiences with kids and technology and she speaks not only as an expert, but from the heart.


By: Angela Crocker

Release Date:


Pages: 152

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