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Story Friends (TM) Specialist's Kit

Story Friends (TM) Specialist's Kit

An Early Literacy Intervention for Improving Oral Language

ISBN: 9781681251301
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Fun, engaging and effective, Story Friends (TM) is the first research-based Tier 2 language intervention programme for 3- to 5-year-old children at risk for reading difficulties. Through interactive animal-themed storybooks and lively, engaging audio recordings, Story Friends (TM) effectively boosts oral language and vocabulary development - two of the most important predictors of later reading success. With colourful illustrations, rhyming text, interactive story components, and appealing narration, the programme hooks and holds young attention spans. Story Friends (TM) is a natural fit with any existing classroom schedule or curriculum, so it's easier than ever to deliver interventions when they matter most, and get all young children ready to read and succeed. Packed in a sturdy box with a handle for easy carrying, this kit contains: one Teacher Guide with complete guidance on implementing the programme; one set of 26 full-colour, animal-themed storybooks; one USB with the audio tracks that accompany each storybook (252 minutes of instruction); and one set of 18 shrink-wrapped picture cards for assessing children's acquisition of words. Ideal for SLPs and reading specialists, this convenient kit contains everything you need to implement the Story Friends (TM) early language and literacy intervention with one child. if you're using Story Friends (TM) for small-group intervention, you'll need extra sets of storybooks to conduct the programme with multiple children at once. Here's a link to a webinar introducing Story Friends (TM):


By: Howard Goldstein,Elizabeth Spencer Kelley

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Pages: 277

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