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The Power of Personality

The Power of Personality

Unlock the Secrets to Understanding Everyone in Your Life--Including You

ISBN: 9781633889569
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Conformity is the new black—there is safety in numbers—so what happens when individuals come into conflict with the “shoe” values they’ve been forced to wear from an early age? They will either submit to the pressure and lose sight of themselves or fight like hell and be socially excommunicated. Too often personality distinctions are disowned and labeled as “weakness”, or we default to accepting surface differences in the name of “diversity”. If we truly want to coexist with one another, we must learn that even our most sacred values deviate from person to person, and it’s that diversity that makes humanity strong.

The Power of Personality demystifies the sixteen different personality types by teaching the reader how to identify and appreciate their own unique type and that of others. By re-examining previously held assumptions on personality (birth order, cultural stereotypes, extroversion vs. introversion, type-A personalities) and debunking/clarifying them, the reader will be able to understand a person deeper than that person understands themselves. Considering the existential threat of our current, fractured sociopolitical climate tearing itself from within, this skill is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

This is how our species survives:

-16 easy-to-remember, animal archetypes. All the fun of zodiac signs and all the empiricism of Joseph Campbell. It’s for romantics and pragmatists.

-An instant conversation centerpiece that everyone can relate to—its ideas were even featured on an episode of Apple TV’s Mythic Quest. The Power of Personality is the best kind of non-fiction book: one whose subject matter will appeal to all readers because its subject matter is the reader.

-A step-by-step guide on how to personality type. Most books consist of a simplistic, often inaccurate, test followed by descriptions and prescriptions. But a treatment can be damaging if the diagnosis is wrong. The Power of Personality is unique in that it trains you to be the test. No more arbitrary questions. No more mistyping. No more damage.

-A personal voice that places the reader squarely in the front seat for a breezy, fresh, intellectual joyride that uses humor and pop culture in tandem with the author’s twenty-plus years of experience in education and life coaching.

The Power of Personality is groundbreaking in that it will not only change the way readers see the world but will empower them to reexamine their relationships within it. Gone will be the daze of social disconnect and miscommunication. This book is a must- read, a harbinger of a "Youtopia" where, regardless of whether people are shoes, purses, hats, or polka dot cardigans, everyone is seen, heard, and accepted for who they truly are.


By: Eric Gee

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Pages: 240

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