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Teaching Languages in Blended Synchronous Learning Classrooms

Teaching Languages in Blended Synchronous Learning Classrooms

A Practical Guide

ISBN: 9781626168060
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Blended synchronous learning (BSL), where some students are present in a physical classroom while others participate online in real time, has been gaining momentum and shows great potential for teaching less commonly taught languages (LCTLs). In Teaching Languages in Blended Synchronous Learning Classrooms, Alba Girons and Nicholas Swinehart provide a concise overview of BSL as it pertains to language instruction. Topics include a number of key factors in the BSL classroom: * types of BSL environments* pedagogical considerations* group dynamics* creating and adapting activities* common logistical challenges* optimal space design* technology selection, training, and support This practical guide will be of use to teachers, technology staff, and program administrators, all working together to implement successful BSL programs and ensure quality learning opportunities for every student.


By: Alba Girons,Nicholas Swinehart

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Pages: 60

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