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The Melanoma Handbook

The Melanoma Handbook

ISBN: 9781620701188
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The Melanoma Handbook is a concise and comprehensive resource for anyone who treats patients with local, advanced, or metastatic melanoma in all its various forms. Detailed chapters cover the pathology, treatment, and management of all presentations of melanoma, including essential clinical knowledge on staging and workup considerations. The content emphasizes both overall treatment guidelines and more nuanced applications for patient groups who have different presentations, metastases, or other complications to treatment. Each chapter summarizes important concepts and features illustrative figures that arm practitioners with visual guidance to diagnosis, treatment, and management for all subtypes and stages of melanoma. Tables throughout the handbook consolidate helpful classification and staging information, survival data, FDA-approved treatment regimens, and toxicity risk. Unlike many oncology or dermatology textbooks, this straightforward reference provides a targeted overview of conventional and novel treatment strategies for all stages of malignancy and applications of practical, current management options. The Melanoma Handbook is essential not only for trainees managing this fast-moving disease for the first time but also oncologists, dermatologists, and surgeons who want a searchable, quick-review reference when faced with a challenging melanoma case in their practice. Features:* Provides screening recommendations for early detection of initial and recurrent melanoma* Summarizes AJCC staging criteria from the 8th Edition and provides insight into when specific lab work or imaging is needed* Covers the surgical management of lentigo melanoma, invasive melanoma, mucosal melanoma, acral lentiginous melanoma, sentinel lymph node biopsies, lymph node metastases, and distant organ metastases* Discusses infusion, perfusion, and injection techniques in complicated sites when lesions are not resectable* Highlights recent innovations, including newly approved targeted therapies, immunotherapies, chemotherapies and combination therapy options


By: Stephan Ariyan,Harriet Kluger

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Pages: 225

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