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Cancer Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Review

Cancer Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Review

Study Guide for Oncology Boards and MOC Exams

ISBN: 9781620700761
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Cancer Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Review is the first book devoted entirely to providing the 'must-know' facts on each cancer agent?including their pharmacokinetics, FDA-approved indications, toxicity, interactions, and other important information that is commonly found on board examinations and essential for any clinician or practitioner to review . The authors, an oncologist and two pharmacists, have developed a handy question-and-answer format to present the material in digestible bursts. As the pharmacology section continues to represent a major portion of the medical oncology exam and a key component on oncology MOC exams, this portable study guide will help prepare anyone looking to fine-tune their knowledge on cancer drugs before the test.


By: Francis P. Worden,Anthony J. Perissinotti,Bernard L. Marini

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Pages: 208

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