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Telecaster Guitar Book

Telecaster Guitar Book

A Complete History of Fender Telecaster Guitars

ISBN: 9781617131059
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This new version of Tony Bacon's story of the Fender Telecaster shows how the world's first commercially successful solid body electric guitar still attracts musicians more than 60 years since its birth in California. Today, it is more popular than ever, and for many guitarists it has overtaken the Stratocaster as the Fender to own and play. The Telecaster is the longest-lived solid body electric, played by everyone from Muddy Waters to Keith Richards, from Radiohead to Snow Patrol. Its sheer simplicity and versatility are vividly illustrated here through interviews with Jeff Beck, James Burton, Bill Kirchen, John 5, and more. The book is three great volumes in one: a compendium of luscious pictures of the most desirable Telecasters; a gripping story from the earliest days to the latest exploits; and a detailed collector's guide to every Tele ever made. Packed with pictures of great players, collectable catalogues, period press ads, and cool memorabilia, "The Telecaster Guitar Book" - an updated and expanded edition of Tony Bacon's "Six Decades Of The Fender Telecaster" - is the one Tele book that all guitar fans will want to add to their collection.


By: Tony Bacon

Release Date:


Pages: 160

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