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Christian Delusion

Christian Delusion

Why Faith Fails

ISBN: 9781616141684
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Controversial and provocative, this is an intelligent exploration of the Christian faith from a former believer. In this collection of current criticisms aimed at the rationality of Christian belief, former evangelical minister and apologist John Loftus has assembled fifteen exceptional articles by leading sceptics. Central to the book's premise is the editor's idea of the 'Outsider's Test of Faith', which argues that believers should test their faith with the same sceptical standards they use to evaluate the other faiths they reject - as if they were outsiders. Experts in medicine, psychology, and anthropology, join Loftus to show why, when this test is applied to Christianity, it becomes very difficult to rationally defend it. It also explores and discusses a number of other controversial topics, including errors and unfounded superstitions in the Bible, the immorality of God as depicted in the Bible, and Christianity as the basis for morality.


By: John W. Loftus,Dan Barker

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Pages: 432

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